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HandwritingMSS_Jav_24 Serat Jaya Lengkara Wulang
Serat Jaya Lengkara Wulang
Imm Source Acq:
Mackenzie Collection (B-56), 1823
Scope and Content:
The story of Jaya Lengkara Wulan. The narrative ends with Jaya Lengkara ascending the throne of Sonya Wibawa with the title Prabu Surya Dipaningrat. In a kind of epilogue it is stated that the kanda Sukma Ngumbara is the sequel (see MSS Jav 12). Handsomely ornamented with an elaborate frontispiece, ornate polychrome frames setting off the didactic passages, and gold and red filling of the interpunctuation throughout.In Javanese language and script. In verse; 93 cantos.Written in the court of the Sultan [Hamengkubuwana II] of Yogyakarta (Kanjeng Sultan ing Ngayogya) on 22 Rejeb A.J.1730 (7 Nov. 1803).
Phys Char:
Dimensions: 325 x 200 mm. 17 lines per page, black ink with red diacritics, and illuminated canto and stanza markers. Dutch paper, watermarks 'D & C Blauw', 'Pro Patria'. Finely illuminated frames in colours and gold, with double frames on ff.2v-3r, ff.30v-31r, ff.171v-172r (unfinished) and ff.203v-204r (unfinished), and many other half-page frames. Half leather binding with marbled paper boards.
Publication Note:
M.C. Ricklefs and P. Voorhoeve, Indonesian manuscripts in Great Britain (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1977), p.61A.T. Gallop with B. Arps, Golden letters: writing traditions of Indonesia (London: British Library; Jakarta: Lontar, 1991), pp.92-93. Donald Weatherbee, ‘An inventory of the Javanese paper manuscripts in the Mackenzie Collection, India Office Library, London, with a note on some additional Raffles MSS’, [1973], p.27. Unpublished handlist. British Library, MSS Eur Photo Eur 107
Extent and Format:
204 folios
British Library

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